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Kordia launches scholarship-based cyber security academy

Six week course aims to foster diversity in cyber security workforce.
  • Rob O'Neill (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 07 October, 2021 07:40
Shaun Rendell (Kordia)

Shaun Rendell (Kordia)

Broadcast, telecommunications and ICT company Kordia is launching an academy to develop Kiwi talent and improve diversity in the cyber security industry.

State-owned Kordia said the launch of its scholarship-based "Cyber Academy", a six week intensive course including hands-on training for twelve students, was a New Zealand first.

“Students will work alongside experts who detect and respond to actual cyber security alerts and events daily, gaining key skills that will help them enter the workforce with an impact from day one," Kordia Group CEO Shaun Rendell said.

Cyber-crime was at an all-time high with regular large-scale attacks and an uncountable number of smaller attacks targeting businesses and individuals each day, Kordia said.

This had boosted cyber security to become one of the most highly sought-after professions in the world. Globally, however, there were three-and-a-half million unfilled cyber security jobs and many applicants were not adequately qualified.

The academy would bolster New Zealand’s cyber security sector and nurture Kiwi talent, the company claimed.

“Kordia acknowledges and embraces its leadership role and responsibility in developing cyber talent in New Zealand," Rendell said.

"The Kordia Cyber Academy is a demonstration of how we’re proactively responding. We believe through initiatives like, this we can contribute to building a more cyber resilient New Zealand."

Rendell said he was hoping for a diverse range of people to apply for the scholarships. Women, for instance, make up less than a quarter of the global cyber security workforce.

"This is particularly important in the tech sector, where new ideas are constantly needed to keep up with the pace of the industry."

As well as young people, those seeking to make career changes were also welcome to apply.

Professionals from across Kordia would be involved in the training, as well as subject matter experts from global security vendors.

The selection process would involve an online application and a one-on-one interview. Successful applicants would then receive a scholarship offer along with further details on the course and timings.

COVID-19 alert levels permitting, the course will be conducted face-to-face in central Auckland.

On Monday, Kordia reported it had booked a $55 million impairment on the sale of its Australian telco contracting business, Kordia Solutions Australia, tumbling the company to a $47 million loss for the year to the end of June.