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Vast majority of A/NZ tech workers open to new opportunities

Uncompetitive salaries, poor management style or workplace culture and a lack of new challenges are pushing workers to look elsewhere.
  • Sasha Karen (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 01 June, 2021 16:42

More than three-quarters of technology professionals in Australia and New Zealand, at 76 per cent, are either looking for a new job, plan to look for one, or are open to new opportunities over the next 12 months, recent trends indicate.  

This is according to the latest figures from recruitment agency Hays, whose Salary Guide FY21/22 report for the A/NZ region shows that, despite being high, the local rate of tech pros looking for new work is just below the overall average of 77 per cent.  

The report also claimed that the main drivers pushing tech workers to look elsewhere include uncompetitive salaries, poor management style or workplace culture and a lack of new challenges.  

The findings come a year after initial pandemic-prompted lockdowns in New Zealand, which has brought workers with “significantly” higher salaries back home, bringing with them their expectations to be paid at comparable rates. 

“While Christchurch is unable to compete with Auckland and Wellington salaries, some positions in regional areas, such as Dunedin, are offering higher pay to attract candidates,” the report claimed. 

“Looking ahead, Christchurch salaries will be under pressure, particularly as more head offices relocate and employers look to attract talent from Auckland and Wellington.” 

At the A/NZ level, employee satisfaction with current work benefits is at 24 per cent, which ranks the sector as tied last, along with mining. 

This is particularly relevant in New Zealand, where employee benefits offered by employers are evolving in response to candidate competition, the agency claimed. Such benefits include learning and development opportunities, as well as phone, internet and gym subsidies. 

Other employers are also offering share options, additional annual leave, increased KiwiSaver contributions and life insurance as a means to lock down candidates. 

Aside from benefits, the stronger candidates are also looking for positions that provide career progression and the opportunity to work on projects all the way through their lifecycles. 

The most sought-after roles in the New Zealand market, the agency claimed, are data engineers, due to more organisations moving to the cloud or to hybrid set-ups. In addition, experience on data pipelines from on-premises to the cloud is also labelled as a must-have. 

Other high-demand roles include data scientists, analysts, architects and warehouse developers, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) engineers, business intelligence analysts and developers, as well as computer vision engineers.