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OneNet taps Catalyst Cloud’s Igor Portugal in growth drive

The company has also brought on former NTT head of client delivery and Dimension Data New Zealand senior client delivery manager Hunter Tretheway as relationship manager.
  • Leon Spencer (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 06 April, 2021 16:38
Igor Portugal (OneNet)

Igor Portugal (OneNet)

OneNet has taken on former Catalyst Cloud chief growth officer Igor Portugal as its own new chief growth officer, with the company ramping up its sales efforts in a bid to accelerate growth. 

Portugal took the role with the cloud services provider in March after close to two years as chief growth officer at Catalyst Cloud and four years as business development manager at Catalyst, from which Catalyst Cloud was spun out as a separate entity in 2017.  

“Catalyst was fantastic to work for and I have a lot of respect for the team and what they have built. I loved every minute working there,” Portugal told Reseller News. “I’ve given it four years and was starting to get comfortable – not a space I like to dwell in for too long.  

“OneNet was really keen for someone like me to join the team. OneNet presented an exciting set of opportunities to apply my skills,” he said.  

Portugal’s arrival at OneNet does not appear to be standalone appointment, with the company bringing on former NTT head of client delivery and Dimension Data New Zealand senior client delivery manager Hunter Tretheway as a relationship manager. 

“Both individuals have a track record of delivering fantastic outcomes and long-term value for their clients and we look forward to our clients benefiting from their tremendous skills and experience,” OneNet general manager Roman Paljk said in a social media post in late March, referring to the new recruits. 

According to Portugal, both appointments were undertaken with the aim of accelerating growth within OneNet.  

Although OneNet has established itself as a trusted business partner to enterprises in the mid-market, until recently, according to Portugal, the company’s growth has been largely organic, based on referrals from existing clients pleased with the provider’s work.  

Now, OneNet is ramping up its investment in its sales team, bringing on Tretheway to look after the existing accounts and subsequently adding Portugal’s skillset to the team  

“Hunter is a great asset to the company and I love working with him and learning from his experience servicing the top tier of New Zealand corporations,” Portugal said. “With the investment OneNet has made I know I am well supported to reach the goals we set ourselves.  

“The opportunity here is for me to work with the C-suite of executives and focus on solving real business challenges. Whereas in the past I was more focused on working with technical teams. I know that I thrive better and more productive working with the executives, helping the businesses strategically. This is where I personally can make the most impact,” he added. 

Broadly, Portugal’s role is to evangelise the benefits of cloud computing and the benefits of working with a cloud-agnostic, trusted partner to OneNet’s target customers in the medium enterprise space. 

“There is a real opportunity for organisations to leverage the benefits of the public cloud over the next few years, especially as Microsoft launches its local data centres in New Zealand. We can help clients on this journey,” Portugal said.  

“Most New Zealand businesses use Microsoft and I am keen to gain the experience applying those solutions I am passionate about, using the Microsoft technology stack.  

“This is a great opportunity for me to establish myself as an all-around technology sales leader and not someone who is only affiliated with a specific technology or an ideology space,” he said.