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Dunedin joins the 5G elite with Spark

Artists feature in launch of 5G mobile and wireless broadband service
  • Rob O'Neill (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 12 November, 2020 10:08
Dunedin local Jones Chin in front of a three-story high painting of his
grandfather Chin Fooi.

Dunedin local Jones Chin in front of a three-story high painting of his
grandfather Chin Fooi.

Spark has turned on 5G in Dunedin central, partnering with Animation Research Limited (ARL) to bring to life local street art with augmented reality.

Over two days, Dunedin locals and visitors will be able to visit four wall murals scattered around Dunedin central and experience art in a new dimension. 

Spark will provide 5G enabled mobile devices for visitors to look through and watch traditional art transform to life through augmented reality on the 12 and 13 November.

One of the wall murals is "Toitū"by Stickum artists Aroha Novak and Guy Howard-Smith, is a three-storey high painting of Chinese immigrant Chin Fooi that will be brought to life virtually by Fooi’s grandson Jones Chin.

The background will animate, and locals will be able to hear flowing water representing "Toitū" stream through a 5G enabled mobile phone or tablet.

“Through 5G and emerging technology like augmented and virtual reality, artists and organisations such as museums or art galleries will be able to explore new forms of storytelling and self-expression and deliver it to the public at scale in the highest definition available," said Spark technology lead, Renee Mateparae.

Also painted by Aroha Novak and Guy Howard-Smith is a mural on Moray Place titled "Take the leap" which depicts children jumping and laughing amongst animated autumn leaves.

The final pieces are created by Dunedin artists Sam Ovens titled "Q: Are We Not Bats? A: We Are All Completely Bats" and Andy McCready titled "DeeDee 3D"

Retro psychedelic imagery will feature fluttering butterfly wings, as well as flashes of lightning and blue circles that lift off the wall and float in the air.

One of the winners of Spark’s inaugural 5G Starter Fund, Dr Hong and Renoh Chalakkal from Dunedin-based oDocs Eye Care, are already looking to use 5G to help end preventable blindness through an innovative eye care solution.

Dunedin is the third location in New Zealand to have access to Spark’s 5G on both wireless broadband and mobile, along with six other South Island towns which have access to Spark’s 5G wireless broadband services.

Dunedin residents who are Spark mobile customers and have a 5G ready phone will have free access to 5G speeds no matter what their plan until at least July 2021.