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2degrees teams with Fortinet to plug home worker security gap

Too many small businesses still think security is no big deal
  • Rob O'Neill (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 03 September, 2020 06:48
Andrew Fairgray (2degrees)

Andrew Fairgray (2degrees)

Telco 2degrees has tapped Fortinet to boost security for those working from home through a new secure fibre bundle.

Called "work from home fibre" the bundle delivers business grade broadband through a dedicated fibre connection to employees’ homes. 

As part of the package, businesses will also get a web filtering, a service that enables them to block sites known for phishing, malware and other security threats.

Andrew Fairgray, chief business officer at 2degrees, said while this product helps to keep business information safe, customers should still do their due diligence and not rely on one product alone to protect their businesses. 

“There are several ways businesses can protect themselves from falling victim to a cyber-attack and one is to make sure they have the right tools in place," Fairgray said. 

"Work from home fibre is an effective way of blocking content which could be dangerous to data and equipment. However, even with tools in place it’s important that business owners educate themselves and their employees on ways to keep their information safe.”

2degrees said its research reveals that 41 per cent of small Kiwi businesses did not have a security resource in place. Twenty-nine per cent of small businesses also didn’t think data security was a big deal.

The product offers web filtering with customers offered two filtering options; a health and safety filter and a non-work sites filter. 

The health and safety option will filter out security risks such as known malicious websites, spam URLs and phishing. It also filters out sites featuring inappropriate content and extremist activity. 

The non-work related category includes sites for streaming and downloads. 

Fortinet actively updates its platform with new sites fitting the category criteria to ensure the protection offered is up to date.

Work from home fibre 100/100Mbit/s business broadband is $89 a month on a 24-month contract and is available to 2degrees' broadband customers.