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TIMG on track for trans-Tasman growth

TIMG’s cloud business plans to upgrade its infrastructure in the coming six to nine months
  • Leon Spencer (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 18 August, 2020 05:00
Zabeen Hussain (TIMG)

Zabeen Hussain (TIMG)

While many organisations are looking toward the coming year with no small amount of uncertainty, TIMG is eyeing life beyond the pandemic with a surprising amount of certainty, with plans to upgrade, expand and further integrate its cloud business in the coming months.

The New Zealand-headquartered information management specialist already offers three data centres in Australia and two in New Zealand, all of which will be expanded in coming months. 

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as such a surprise that TIMG is so sure of its strategic trajectory in the coming months, given the surge in demand for cloud-based services and solutions that disruptions caused by COVID-19 have thrown up, as organisations try to keep things running smoothly with a remote, distributed workforce. 

And TIMG — a.k.a The Information Management Group — is well-positioned to make the most of the current climate. 

With over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, TIMG has built its business around a number of core services, such as offsite records storage, vault-based media storage and secure document destruction.  

However, the company has also developed a complementary suite of intelligent digital solutions that can be tailored to suit clients’ individual business needs. 

TIMG’s offering includes cloud backup services, imaging and document capture, data extraction, customised workflow solutions, data storage, disaster recovery solutions, app development and more. 

Today, the company claims a network of over 250 staff at 10 branches across New Zealand, and at least six more offices in Australia, and has serviced over 15,000 organisations across Australasia.

Among the company’s product stack is the BackOnline service, which originated via its Australian arm, introduced to TIMG New Zealand in 2013. This service offers online data back-up and full disaster recovery (DR) solutions for large businesses, small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and individuals with personal computers or laptops. 

According to TIMG head of cloud sales Zabeen Hussain, the solution caters for anything from single server failure to full site failure with both off-site and on-site servers. It also offers reselling opportunities to service providers for backup and DR, along with white labelling services.

This particular offering stands as a perfect example of why TIMG might be in a position to actually boost its already substantial position in the A/NZ market, with the current market conditions fostering a pipeline of new opportunities for providers adept in cloud technology. 

Tapping into what’s ‘top of mind’

Broadly, TIMG’s cloud business plans to upgrade its infrastructure in the coming six to nine months. It also aims to integrate further with various software providers and partners, such as Veeam, StorageCraft, Commvault, Data Domain (Dell), NetApp, and Veritas, among others, to enable business growth in the market. 

This seems like quite a bit of activity for an organisation that, like many other providers in the market, is probably spending a fair amount of energy working to navigate a very dynamic business landscape. 

Yet this was all part of the plan, according to Hussain.

“We are still aligned to the same strategy pre-pandemic,” Hussain told Reseller News, noting that the BackOnline offering is fully virtualised and continues to offer a robust backup and business continuity service for the company’s customers. 

Indeed, TIMG’s focus on its cloud services stack, which specialises in backup, disaster recovery and business continuity, is probably a pretty smart move right now. 

For Hussain, the coming six to nine months is expected to see customer spending accelerate on the implementation of online backups, a good growth area in a time of uncertainty. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has put continuity top of mind for many businesses who don’t want to lose access to information that is stored physically on tapes or paper and this is driving the continuous growth of the online backup, storage and disaster recovery market,” Hussain said. 

“A number of our media storage customers have recently archived their backups via our cost-effective S3 NZ-based storage, and over lockdown we implemented many backups from physical tapes to online,” she added. 

According to Hussain, who joined TIMG as business development manager before rising through the ranks to her current role, the demand in the market right now plays to the company’s strengths.

“Customers are investigating the implementation of digital services and online backup,” she said. “Customers are looking for agile and ‘on demand’ service levels which can sometimes be hard to find in the current competitive landscape.”

From Hussain’s perspective, key priorities for organisations will include suppliers that are innovative, proactive and flexible in providing solutions that closely match each customer’s specific challenges and requirements, with scalable and customisable solutions also set to be a priority.

These particularly desirable traits arise, unsurprisingly, from the struggles that many businesses are facing at present and expect to continue facing for the foreseeable future.

“Many businesses in NZ have faced difficult times with revenue decreases and have been unable to commit to significant financial outlays for major projects,” Hussain said. “Due to the pandemic, some customers have been forced to focus on saving money which is unfortunate as it also puts access to critical business information at risk if they do not have online backup, storage or disaster recovery systems in place.

“As per before the pandemic, business continuity should be a key focus for all businesses. Many have recognised the importance of this since the pandemic took hold, but others will continue to jeopardise their company operations and put cost savings ahead of information security and accessibility,” she added. 

The customer is core

In this climate, it would seem foolhardy not to make an effort to broaden the company’s existing customer base. But, at the same time, retention is essential, with the company ensuring a deft touch revolving around service excellence to keep customers onside.

That said, TIMG is also focusing on customer acquisition in a bid to grow its customer base and profitability. Hussain and team are doing this through innovation and efficiency, continuing to grow TIMG’s complementary suite of intelligent digital solution offerings to build on top of its core heritage offerings. 

Regardless of whether TIMG is attempting to onboard a new customer or keep an existing one happy and engaged, one thing, according to Hussain, is key for any provider to be successful in the coming months. 

“The key attributes of a successful tech provider will be to build solid relationships with customers and to ‘really listen’ to client needs to identify the challenges they face (which sometimes may not be obvious),” Hussain said. 

And this is something TIMG does through its consultative approach towards client stakeholders, which sees the company delve into specific business challenges, DR plans and critical business focuses, while weighing these things against the risk involved. 

TIMG’s business continuity solution is custom designed to client’s requirements, for example. 

“Success will also come in the form of fast issue resolution, 24/7 availability, efficiency and most of all via the cementing of a true partnership with the client, where the provider acts as an extension of the client’s business,” Hussain said.

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