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AWS packages up CodeArtifact for Sydney region

Allows for the creation of centralised repositories for sharing software packages

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released its fully managed software artifact repository service CodeArtifact across multiple AWS regions, including Sydney.

The service allows for the creation of centralised repositories for sharing software packages that have been approved for use across development teams.

With its initial release, CodeArtifact has functionality with common package managers and build tools like Maven and Gradle for Java, npm and yarn for JavaScript, and pip and twine for Python. Functionality with other package managers and build tools is planned for future updates.

It can also automatically fetch software packages from public artifact repositories like npm public registry, Maven Central and Python Package Index.

Additionally, the service integrates with AWS Identity and Access Management to control package access, AWS CloudTrail for visibility into packages that are in use and if they need to be removed or deleted and key management to control package encryption keys.

CodeArtifact is available in free and paid tiers in AWS’ Sydney region, as well as various regions across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. At the free tier, users have 2GB of storage and the first 100,000 requests for free every month.

Meanwhile, the paid tier charges storage at US$0.055 per GB per month and US$0.065 per 10,000 requests.

Transferring data in from the internet is not charged, while transferring data out has the first GB free of charge, then a sliding scale for the next 9.999TB charged at US$0.114 per GB, going down to US$0.092 per GB for anything over 150TB. Transferring data out from CodeArtifact to another AWS region currently incurs a cost of US$0.098 per GB.