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InternetNZ enters cyber security market with free trial of DNS firewall

Commercial director says it’s important InternetNZ works to keep NZ businesses safe and secure
  • Rob O'Neill (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 03 June, 2020 10:42
Jordan Carter - CEO, InternetNZ

Jordan Carter - CEO, InternetNZ

InternetNZ is offering a new cyber security product, Defenz Domain Name System (DNS) Firewall, on a free four-month trial.

The trial is offered to organisations and businesses, internet service providers and managed service providers, tertiary education, healthcare, nonprofit and government organisations between 3 June 2020 and 30 September 2020.

Defenz DNS Firewall protects internet users from phishing attacks, malware, ransomware and botnets, said InternetNZ. It also stops malware already on the network from accessing the internet. 

InternetNZ chief executive Jordan Carter said that many organisations are pivoting their services to help organisations get online and stay safe as they respond to COVID-19.

InternetNZ is a not for profit organisation, largely funded through domain fees. In the year to 31 March, 2019 it reported revenues of around $11 million almost all from domain registry fees.

"Defenz DNS Firewall is a service available to help organisations respond to rising online threats. Making the service free for the next few months will remove a barrier to using it, and ensure more organisations have the opportunity to implement an easy and effective security layer," Carter said.

In 2019, CERT NZ saw 1934 reports of phishing and credential harvesting, up 25 per cent from 2018.
15 per cent of reports made to CERT NZ in 2019 had some form of financial loss, with a total value of $16.7 million.

"In our work to help New Zealanders harness the power of the internet it’s important we work to keep New Zealand businesses safe and secure," said InternetNZ commercial director David Morrison.

"New Zealand may be removed geographically from the rest of the world but we are not exempt from online attacks. We cannot be complacent about online security."

Internet NZ said Defenz DNS Firewall doesn’t require any extra equipment, doesn’t slow down the internet connection, has a straightforward set up and onboarding process and allows users to turn the additional online protection layer on and off as needed.