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AWS adds consulting offers to its Solutions Library

The offers are required to be transparent and are sourced from AWS Competency partners

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has provided direct access to consultants via the AWS Solutions Library with the aim of assisting customers with deploying, managing and integrating vetted architecture.

The offers are provided by AWS Competency partners – partners that have showed their competency in either technical or industry domains and have successfully deployed the underlying architecture in their solution in the past.

Listed offers must have transparency through an “up-front” description, the requirements of the customer and a diagram showing the underlying technology infrastructure used to deliver the solution.

Customers can also use the partner to implement offers but are not required to do so – they can implement the solution themselves.

In addition, the partner and the technology are both reviewed by AWS to meet its best practices via a standardised process that utilises AWS frameworks.

As of publishing, there are six consulting offers available from five partners. Linke, a Spain-headquarted SAP Tech consultancy specialising in SAP Cloud products, is the only partner to offer its services in Australia and New Zealand with AWS Connector for SAP and Emory Cloud Backup for SAP HANA.

The consulting offers are listed in the AWS Solutions Library alongside the self-deployable AWS Solutions Implementations.