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Advantage teams with BlackBerry to deliver security assessment service

Agentless assessments detect historic and current compromises
Steve Smith (Advantage)

Steve Smith (Advantage)

Palmerston North-based Advantage has been named as New Zealand’s first BlackBerry compromise assessment partner.

The compromise assessment is designed to detect indications of active or historical compromises such as data exfiltration and sabotage, command and control activities, user account anomalies, or malware infection.

As the solution is agentless, customers do not need to be active BlackBerry users and it is compatible with networks of all kinds, including operational technology and industrial control systems. 

BlackBerry, which provides intelligent security software and services to enterprises and governments around the world, has been offering the agentless compromise assessment tool since its acquisition of Cylance in February 2019. 

This helps to prevent future attacks by determining if a compromise has already happened and providing visibility across an enterprise.

“The goal of BlackBerry’s compromise assessment is to proactively determine if a network is compromised and to stop any active security incidents quickly and quietly,” said Jason Duerden, managing director, BlackBerry Spark, Australia and New Zealand.

“Our compromise assessment incorporates BlackBerry’s artificial intelligence into tools and back-end data analysis processes to more efficiently and effectively secure the environment and prevent attacks.”

Customers receive a comprehensive report including details on detected activity, the current risk state and strategic recommendations for remediation at the end of the assessment.

“This service is aimed at medium to large companies and takes around four to six weeks of engagement,” said Steve Smith, Advantage regional sales executive.

“Once threats have been assessed and mitigated, you will have the ability to draw a line in the sand, with all systems cleaned, and be well prepared for a health check a year later.”