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Seismic and Artis Group form three-way alliance

Available in Australia and New Zealand with plans to expand to Asia in the future
Hydar Al Ammar (Seismic), Karen Powell (McCorkell), Matthew Verity (Artis Group)

Hydar Al Ammar (Seismic), Karen Powell (McCorkell), Matthew Verity (Artis Group)

Sales and marketing enablement software provider Seismic, business management consultancy Artis Group and business to business (B2B) agency McCorkell have formed an alliance to address sales and marketing gaps in Australian and New Zealand businesses.

According to a statement by Seismic, the alliance brings together the provider’s sales and marketing enablement platform, Artis’ technology expertise and McCorkell’s content strategy and marketing technology (martech) consulting capabilities.

Hydar Al Ammar, strategic alliances director for Asia Pacific (APAC) at Seismic, said that the alliance would assist businesses handle the disruption of purchasing products and services by digital technology.

“When we talked to customers, it became clear that some of them had needs or challenges in earlier stages of their marketing transformation journey, such as content creation,” Al Ammar said.

“These are areas where McCorkell would be able to provide value. Likewise, they also had to deal with the complexities of integrating multiple technologies with their CRM [customer relationship management] systems, which is where Artis’ expertise comes in."

By forming an alliance across the customer value chain, according to Al Ammar, the companies can be more proactive in helping customers solve their challenges or attain their business objectives earlier in their journey and support them from start to end.

"This fosters stronger customer relationships," Al Ammar said.

Al Ammar claimed the benefits for customers of the alliance include “higher win rates, faster deal progression and greater sales efficiency, in addition to creating more engaging, personalised customer experiences".

According to Matthew Verity, head of business consulting at Artis Group, the alliance also offers what he refers to as the “final mile” in selling.

“People are being very concerned about getting data captured in the CRM software, and they're using all these reporting tools to find out how to manipulate that data, but they're not actually using it in an intelligent manner to actually drive the seller to get the best results,” he said.

“So, we've gone through putting CRM in, we've gone into putting in marketing tools and martech around email campaign management and content management. What's kind of been lost in that is how do we now effectively get the seller to use those tools in an effective manner to sell to the buyer in an effective way?

“What Sesimic offers is the ability for us to go in there and tie those systems together and say, 'We're now going to get uplisting your CRM by providing Seismic as a tool to drive you to the right content at the right time.'”

He added that Artis, via the alliance, is then able to assist customers in using Seismic’s platform in a natural way.

The alliance is currently available for large enterprises and mid-sized businesses in Australia and New Zealand with plans to expand into Asia in the future.

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The specific decision to partner with McCorkell and Artis both stem from their experience dealing with larger businesses, Al Ammar said.

“McCorkell has very strong presence in large enterprises and expertise in specific industries, while Artis’ strength is in the mid-market segment and likewise has a significant footprint in different industries that are complementary,” Al Ammar said.

“Collectively, this enables Seismic to effectively expand our reach in all the key market segments and industry verticals, on top of those segments and sectors we already cover now.”

Artis’ involvement in the alliance started approximately six months ago, when the consultancy was approached by Seismic to be a partner, according to Matthew Verity, head of business consulting at Artis Group.

“One of the things that we noted coming into this is that we bought our technology advisory and program management skills into it, but we saw that there was an extra capability that we needed in seeing the benefit of having someone like McCorkell at the table, who brings that richer set of agency and marketing skills,” Verity said.

“It became obvious very fast that the strongest position for us to go into market was actually in an alliance with Seismic, who's the best in the platform, we bring in that diligence around the program and implementation and McCorkell brings that, so it's a model where we're bringing all three parties. Everyone does their best in it.”

While these three businesses make up the alliance, the plan is for the parties to work under the one banner of the alliance rather than three separate businesses.

“What we're trying to do is avoid a situation where it's any of the parties in there. It will be managed by the group as a whole, as a single project team. So, there should be nothing in the clients' eyes that they're dealing with Artis or Seismic or McCorkell. They are dealing with us as a project team,” he said.

“There's a desire for one party to [declare], ‘Everyone fall behind us and we're going to represent under the Artis brand, or we're going to represent under this particular brand.’ Under the alliance, we're not hiding the fact that there are three of us there.

“We're bringing these three parties to the table, but from a management perspective, we're just rolling in a project team at the appropriate people.”

Verity added that Artis has restructured its workforce to take on blended teams, consisting of 50 per cent technology-based and 50 per cent accounting-based staff, but it still will maintain business outside of the alliance.

“There's no intention for any of us to change anything fundamental about our business. This is just an option for us to all function in in a very different manner,” Verity said.