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Vocus targets enterprises with Microsoft Teams voice call service

Vocus Voice enables calls to landline and mobile numbers from the Teams desktop app or mobile device
Vocus is targeting the Microsoft Teams user base.

Vocus is targeting the Microsoft Teams user base.

New Zealand's third largest telco, Vocus, is targeting the fast growing enterprise market of Microsoft Teams users with a new communications service.

Vocus Voice provides users with the ability to easily make calls to landline and mobile numbers directly from the Teams desktop app or mobile device, said Peregrine Lobb, Vocus' head of product.

“Despite all the new modes of communication, which spans chat, video, email and more, we all still need good old fashioned inbound and outbound calling,"Lobb said. 

"With Vocus Voice in Teams you get that. But you no longer need the legacy equipment.”

Lobb said Vocus Voice, which uses Vocus SIP trunking technology, was a low-cost solution easily integrated into Teams to deliver potentially large savings on calls.

Despite the multiple modes of communication now being used, Lobb said there remained a need for inbound and outbound voice calling. 

“Teams has emerged as a leading collaboration platform which integrates all the modern ways we communicate today. Vocus Voice provides a reliable communications tool within Teams that’s enterprise-ready for low cost.”

Microsoft New Zealand modern workplace business group lead Robert Havranek said Vocus Voice allowed users to communicate and collaborate whether they were using Teams at their desk or on their mobile phone.

That also helps organisations transition away from legacy telephony systems, Lobb said. 

For organisations shifting to or using Office 365, Lobb said the value proposition was compelling. 

“Teams is included with many Office 365 subscriptions, so there is no additional cost for this application. And Vocus Voice often means businesses can reduce the cost of their telephony services, particularly when it means retiring legacy equipment for good.”