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Inside Waikato Regional Council's $11.1M 'Project Reboot'

Twenty-eight systems to be replaced in Infor CloudSuite rollout
Waikato Regional Council is aiming for a total administration systems reboot with Infor's CloudSuite.

Waikato Regional Council is aiming for a total administration systems reboot with Infor's CloudSuite.

The strategic business case for an $11.1 million software investment at Waikato Regional Council reveals the risks posed by the agency's legacy systems. 

The business case, released to Reseller News under the Local Government Official Information Act, revealed the business objectives of Reboot, which will be based around SaaS software from Infor, including a reduction in the risk of business process and information system failure.

"Information systems are outdated, clunky and unintegrated, contributing to manual, complex and unintegrated business processes," the case said. 

"Provision of data and information to support planning and decision making in a format that is integrated, automated (and therefore system verifiable) and easy to use/interpret is challenging."

Key risks to council in the current environment include the potential for business process failure, information system failure, and loss of key knowledge held by a core group of staff who ‘know’ the current systems and data, the business case said.

Upgrade processes for the current environment were also lengthy, complex and costly. 

"The last Oracle EBS [E-business Suite] upgrade, supporting finance and rating, took 18 months to complete, with an outage of ten days,@ the business caze said.

"The last Conquest, supporting asset management, upgrade took almost a year, and the last PS Enterprise, supporting HR/payroll, took six months.

"Should any of the current key software solutions fail, the impact to the organisation’s operations would be high."

Across finance, HR and asset management, the council’s business processes are described as "largely manual and complex", with work-arounds developed over time due to missing capabilities or complexity in information systems. 

"Processes which would generally be considered standard practices have a silo rather than end-to-end focus and have become ‘WRC-specific’ with reduced opportunity to automate or improve," the business case said.

"Due to a lack of integration, end-to-end processes have multiple manual handovers, data can be entered multiple times and manual processes are needed to check, validate and reconcile data."

Staff surveys identified council’s processes and systems as a key issue in enabling them to carry out their roles, and negative impact for staff engagement.

There was also a large reliance at council on Microsoft Excel to extract, collate, analyse and present information to support planning and decision making.

Project Reboot also aimed to achieve a reduction of the equivalent of 7.3 full-time staff "for redirection or release" by 2022

Cash savings of a minimum of $12.5 million (for redirection or release) were forecast over the 10 year period post implementation.

An increase in staff, customer and council satisfaction is also being also targeted

In total, Waikato Regional Council expected to replace 28 current software solutions with a single integrated corporate software solution.