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Microsoft, Salesforce partners sought for new core immigration platform

Out of the box, low code and configurable platform sought
The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment is embracing SaaS for immigration.

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment is embracing SaaS for immigration.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is looking for a new digital backbone for its Immigration New Zealand application management systems.  

The platform will underpin MBIE's core technology capabilities for a "generation of technology to come", an advance notice of tender said, and is a key driver of the ministry's future architecture strategy. 

It is is expected that respondents will be partners of either Microsoft or Salesforce and have experience in implementing these products as a cloud based software as a service solutions. 

MBIE is looking for a solution to cover underpin its employer accreditation and visa application processing (EAWVP) and automated decision assist (ADA) projects.

EAWVP is introducing employer checks, job checks and foreign worker checks to regulate the employer-migrant work market to ensure that migrants are only recruited for genuine shortages and that employers are able to get the workers they need to fill shortages.

Automated decision assist (ADA) is a project to capture and use data and automation effectively to enable efficient processing of increasing visa application volumes within a robust risk and assurance framework. 

ADA will deliver the capability that connects people, decision engines and data together, to drive intelligent process automation, accelerate decisions and manage growth.

"We are also looking for solutions that are out of the box low code and configurable to meet the business needs of the respective projects in a dynamic regulatory environment, the notice said.

"For solutions that meet those requirements we will be looking at solutions that have been used to support regulatory decision-making and offer the best public value over the whole of life."

The selected platform has to be able to integrate with multiple legacy environments.

The request for proposal for the joint ADA and EAWVP projects will be released on the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) in late January. 

MBIE is currently seeking final approval of the budget for this project.