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Datacom fits out TSB’s customer management platform with Microsoft Dynamics

The rollout is part of the TSB’s broader cloud first IT strategy
  • Leon Spencer (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 03 December, 2019 08:30

Datacom has helped to deliver a more agile way for TSB to manage its customer engagement activities thanks to a major Microsoft Dynamics rollout.

The rollout is part of the TSB’s broader cloud first IT strategy, which saw it settle on Microsoft’s Dynamics as the basis of a new customer management platform.

“Our people used to use a TSB custom application which provides information on customers and their interactions with TSB, however, there was no systemised workflow and business rules in this application,” TSB general manager, technology, Hamish Archer, said.

As such, the bank needed a modern platform with which it could enable a leaner arrangement and leverage third-party capabilities vendors in a more plug-and-play way.

Datacom stepped in to enable TSB to extend its customer management services and processes on the Dynamics customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

“A key reason behind choosing Dynamics is that one of our IT strategies is ‘cloud first’, so we can allow our IT teams to focus on working with the business and on getting real value from our platforms, rather than spending time managing infrastructure,” said Archer.

TSB provided a glimpse into the project in its annual report, released earlier in the year, in which it said that Dynamics 365 was being used to improve its customer service management.

“People’s lives are being transformed by technology on a daily basis – this is changing the way we do business at TSB and changing the way our customers want to work with us,” the company said in its annual report.

“In order to take on this challenge TSB has partnered with Microsoft to transform the technology platforms that support our staff and our customers. 

“Over the past 12 months TSB has rolled out Microsoft Office 365 to support employee collaboration and productivity, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to support even better customer service management,” it said. 

In July, it was reported by sister publication CIO New Zealand, that TSB had implemented Temenos Infinity, including API-based connectivity for workflow integration directly with TSB’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

The Dynamics project itself has been in the works for a while. As of April 2018, TSB had launched Dynamics in its Customer Engagement Centre (CEC) to manage all email enquiries. 

Following the pilot, TSB worked with Datacom and Microsoft to develop a two to four-year roadmap for Dynamics at TSB. It has since introduced a series of enhancements to its customer engagement capabilities.

By August 2019, TSB was using Dynamics for the launch of a systemised customer care and advocacy process that allows customer feedback and relevant data to be anchored in Dynamics for improved reporting and insights. 

According to Microsoft, this arrangement helps to ensure service level agreements are on track, and positions TSB to better monitor trends for insights, and deliver optimal customer outcomes.

Now, with the Dynamics implementation well underway thanks to Datacom’s efforts, the bank claims it can now keep better track of its conversations with customers, and some of its business units are seeing returns on this capability. 

Moreover, it is expected that, over time, insights from the data that is tracked within Dynamics will help with customer marketing and provide insights into customers’ behaviours. 

According to Archer, there may be more Dynamics work on the way, with bank continually looking for opportunities to take its customer experience excellence one step further.

“We’re investigating using Dynamics for our Voice of Customer surveys, which is a key tool for improving customer experience across our business,” Archer said. “Over time the majority of TSB’s customer processes will be managed within Dynamics to maximise the full range of benefits we can get from this too.”