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Internal Affairs releases government's five digital focus areas and programmes

Some planned work is already ongoing, but many initiatives are new
The New Zealand government has released its strategy for digital transformation.

The New Zealand government has released its strategy for digital transformation.

The Department of Internal Affairs has released its all-of-government digital programme of work across five focus areas and multiple programmes.

Posting on its Digital website, DIA said the various listed actions would help achieve its vision of a "unified modern, agile and adaptive digital public service". 

"The strategy seeks to enable the public service to use the right tools and the right approaches for the right job," DIA said. "It doesn’t set out to create rigid rules for tomorrow."

Four key outcomes are being sought over the five focus areas.

Firstly, better results for New Zealand through a digital public service; second, that New Zealanders’ experience with government improves; third, a modern, agile and adaptive public service; and fourth a strengthened Māori-Crown relationship.

The five digital focus areas that will position government to achieve its vision were: integrated services for citizens and businesses; leadership, people and culture; foundations; investment; and new ways of working.

The foundations focus area is the most ICT specific category, featuring the development of the digital architecture blueprint and defining principles and develop a transition strategy for the retirement of legacy systems, in partnership with Treasury.

That area also targets the creation of  digital identity trust framework and assessing the potential of an API marketplace as well as cloud policy and security.

Parts of the programme of work remain indicative at this stage, DIA said.