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Reduce unplanned downtime and maximize ROI using augmented reality

Industries worldwide are focusing on achieving higher levels of productivity, optimising processes, and reducing costs in order to meet rising demands and maximize return on investment (ROI).

The pace of competition in manufacturing, maintenance, and skill-intensive service industries continues to increase — driving lower prices, shorter lead times, and more stringent quality control.

Industries worldwide are focusing on achieving higher levels of productivity, optimising processes, and reducing costs in order to meet rising demands and maximize return on investment (ROI).

On average, operation and maintenance costs have a major impact on ROI. To increase ROI, manufacturers and service providers should focus on one key aspect: maximised utilisation time.

Recently, automation systems have drastically reduced overall lead time by streamlining processes and increasing productive yield. But unplanned downtime can bring all these gains to a halt.

According to a study by multinational professional services network, PwC, 98 per cent of manufacturers and service providers expect to increase efficiency with digital technologies such as integrated manufacturing execution systems, predictive maintenance, or augmented reality solutions.

Unplanned downtime can be caused by several factors such as hardware failure, lack of operator, or even waiting time for the right fault diagnostics and support.

Reducing Unplanned Downtime

In a standard maintenance strategy model, there is a major dependency on reactive and planned maintenance. This accounts for up to 75 per cent original equipment effectiveness. In order to improve this figure, the processes in the reactive and planned phases need to be optimised and preventive maintenance strategies implemented in a proactive phase.

What impacts these phases?

Technical complexity and geolocation restrictions prolong the maintenance process, and often incur the added cost of multiple technicians and experts needed to troubleshoot and repair issues. Shortages of skilled experts increase wait time.

Augmented reality support solutions fill in the gap

Together, augmented reality connected with remote management can create a solution.

In the reactive phase

Experts can support inhouse and on-site field technicians in real time through video sessions for faster troubleshooting. For instance, 3D object tracking allows a technician to place arrows and other annotations on real-world objects that stay with them even as the person on the other end moves their smartphone camera.

In the planned phase

"Planned preventive maintenance strategies help avoid unnecessary downtime, and solve many logistical challenges by enabling experts worldwide to put themselves in the position of onsite personnel via remote connection." New or inexperienced technicians can receive support from experts during complex maintenance checks.

In the proactive phase

Proactive maintenance is a more analytical phase in which problems are identified in advance by using data from different sources including performance reports and integrated sensors. By using the available data, problems which may lead to downtime can be identified, and a service technician can then be guided through procedures based on advanced analytics and identify small out-of-line errors which may accumulate and lead to future downtime.

Why TeamViewer Pilot?

TeamViewer Pilot is an interactive remote field support solution – powered by augmented reality –that enables real-time collaboration with offsite experts, highlights real-world objects in live video streams with 3D sequential arrows to provide guidance and clarify troubleshooting steps, fault detection and on-site training in remote areas.

TeamViewer Pilot is available via Dicker Data NZ. To let resellers and service providers test and experience Pilot, Dicker Data NZ is also offering NFR licences at a very special price. Contact to find out more.

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