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McAfee acquires security start-up NanoSec

Cyber security vendor integrates multi-cloud, zero-trust application and security technology into its own offerings
The cyber security vendor felt the acquisition was a “natural extension for McAfee MVISION Cloud”.

The cyber security vendor felt the acquisition was a “natural extension for McAfee MVISION Cloud”.

Cyber security vendor McAfee has announced it has acquired the multi-cloud, zero-trust application and security platform provider NanoSec.

The acquisition of the start-up will integrate its technology into McAfee MVision Cloud and MVision Server protection products.

The integration of NanoSec's technology is expected to translate into “continuous configuration compliance and vulnerability assessment as run-time application-level segmentation for detecting and preventing lateral movement of threats,” according to a statement from the company.

Specific terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Rajiv Gupta, senior vice president and general manager of the cloud security business unit at McAfee, said that NanoSec’s technology is a “natural extension for McAfee MVision Cloud”, allowing the cyber security firm to enhance their cloud access security broker and cloud workload protection platform products and adding shift-left capabilities to deliver on DevSecOps best practices.

“NanoSec’s team brings a wealth of experience to McAfee, and together we are committed to enabling organisations to reach their full cloud potential,” Gupta said.

Vishwas Manral, founder and CEO of NanoSec said the acquisition would mean NanoSec’s technology will be made available on a global scale.

“McAfee has demonstrated not only its leadership in cloud security, but its desire to continually innovate and deliver new capabilities that reshape how organisations can operate workloads and applications safely in the cloud,” Manral said.

“It felt like a natural fit to join McAfee to deliver to application development and security professionals greater visibility and control over detecting, responding and resolving threats to reduce risk.”