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NZTA recruits partners for software support panels, with a twist

The government's expressed aim to achieve "broader outcomes" is embraced in the tenders
NZTA is in-market for software support partners.

NZTA is in-market for software support partners.

The New Zealand Transport Agency is going to market for software support partners in two new panels and looking for "broader outcomes" in support of government policy.

Its application support and related  services panel covers both support as well as development and enhancement.

"The NZTA is on a path of change," a request for proposal said. "The NZTA is not abandoning our incumbent methodologies but we do recognise that we do need to embrace new principles and emerging methodologies, to grow and improve our commitment to deliver what is best for the NZTA and New Zealanders." 

The NZTA said it was refining its technology principles to enable new and improved outcomes, attributes, processes and delivery.

A key part of that was a strong focus on Agile methodology and DevOps.

NZTA is also leading work supporting the government's drive to achieve broader social and economic outcomes through procurement.

"The government, through its 'broader outcomes' has publicly signaled that procurement can and should be used to support wider social, economic, environmental and cultural outcomes that go beyond the immediate purchase of goods, services and works," the tender states.

"We see this panel as an opportunity to increase access to government procurement contracts for New Zealand businesses, with particular focus on those less able to access opportunities and those working in priority sectors (such as ICT, Māori and Pasifika businesses and businesses in the regions)."

Overseas vendors were not excluded, it added.

NZTA's Microsoft products and solutions support panel panel will be populated with partners who can delver support us across one or more Microsoft categories.

These include cloud and cloud infrastructure, security, data and AI, Dynamics, modern desktop, collaboration, integration and gaming.

It will also pursue broader outcomes.

The government agreed on 23 October 2018 to a set of four priority outcomes for agencies to leverage from their procurement activities and identified specific contracts or sectors for initial focus.

The four outcomes were access for NZ businesses, construction sector skills and training, employment standards and health and safety and reducing emissions and waste.