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Listen: Moutter says farewell to Spark, Hodson outlines her priorities

Spark MD Simon Moutter has said his farewells, listen to them here
Simon Moutter says his farewells.

Simon Moutter says his farewells.

Spark managing director Simon Moutter is leaving the building at the end of the week, but not before a nationwide farewell tour to say goodbye to staff and stakeholders.

Last night in Auckland, that tour ended with speeches from Spark chair Justine Smyth, incoming MD Jolie Hodson and Moutter himself.

Listen to the addresses: Smythe 0.00 to 9.35, Hodson 9.36 to 16.00 and Moutter 16.01 to finish.

Smyth talks about arriving at an underperforming company and how her first job was to find a CEO. She goes on to talk about Moutter's courage, leadership and passion for New Zealand and how over seven years he has transformed the company culturally and in terms of its brands, products and technologies.

Hodson outlines her priorities as incoming CEO including customer intimacy, keeping pace with the world on infrastructure, sports delivery and mobile as well as cloud and security and the completion of Spark's Agile transformation.

Moutter talks about how he left Telecom in 2008 with a sense of unfinished business and how returning in 2012 it was clear everyone wanted change. The job is extremely high profile, he said, and every time you lift your head you face criticism.

He talks about the sudden backlash against the rebranding of Telecom as Spark and its equally sudden success as well as the risky call to go "all in on Agile".