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TeamTalk and CityLink rebrand as Vital

Roll-out of new visual brand will take place over the next few months
Andrew Miller (TeamTalk)

Andrew Miller (TeamTalk)

TeamTalk and CityLink are moving to a single brand, Vital, to "reflect the company's purpose".

The new Vital brand will apply to publicly listed TeamTalk’s existing radio business and subsidiary CityLink’s existing fibre business.

TeamTalk’s chief executive, Andrew Miller, said the rebrand follows a period of significant transformation and reinvestment into infrastructure, including developing new services to bring to the market.

"We wanted a name and brand that reflects our purpose," he said. "We wanted a name that was: simple, strong and heroic."

The roll-out of a fresh and consistent visual brand across all of our communications will take place over the next few months. 

“Our desire is to deliver New Zealand’s critical communications backbone with vitality," Miller said. 

"Critical communications aren’t just about emergencies, they are about the moments when a message is vital to a business, an event, or the smooth running of a city.”

Until its NZX ticker and legal company names are changed with the new Vital brand the company will remain TeamTalk, trading as Vital and CityLink, trading as Vital.