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Waikato DHB taps AMS for SaaS workforce management tech

AMS partners with Spark Health's Revera for system delivery
Waikato Hospital

Waikato Hospital

Waikato District Health Board has partnered with Advanced Management Systems (AMS) to deliver an end-to-end cloud system to deploy workforce management, payroll and HR functions.

The DHB has chose AMS’ workforce-as-a-service (WaaS) platform for health, designed to serve the complexities of New Zealand’s public healthcare sector.

The integrated WaaS platform replaces multiple systems and promises to deliver greater service efficiencies bringing benefits to healthcare staff and patients.

“AMS is thrilled to launch our Workforce as a Service offering, designed to serve New Zealand healthcare providers needing innovative technology solutions to allow our health workforce to work smarter, ultimately improving health outcomes for all New Zealanders," said Joseph Yip, CEO of AMS.

"Our partnership with Waikato DHB means these benefits will filter through to our other DHB customers across a significant portion of the country."

New Zealand company AMS has partnered with Revera, part of Spark Health, to deliver WaaS and meet the complex requirements of workforce planning, rostering, payroll processing, workforce data collection and monitoring to enable significant digital transformation for the DHB.

Yip said while the contract will initially bring benefits for patients and staff within the Waikato region, AMS has a national vision for integrated health workforce management technologies that support a stronger health workforce.

Waikato DHB said the new approach to its health service systems centres around putting its people at the heart to help empower staff.

“This is great news for our organisation as our previous systems were complex and not easy to use," said Gil Sewell, executive director of HR and organisational development at Waikato DHB.

"This means we can reduce people’s frustration and provide up-to-date systems that are easy to use, allowing people to focus on what’s really important in healthcare."

The DHB pays more than 7,000 staff under many different union and individual employment agreements.

The new system is expected to manage this complexity more smoothly, whilst reducing the cost and complexity of processing pay, according to Andrew McCurdie, CFO of Waikato DHB.

With the addition of Waikato DHB, AMS claimed it had increased its workforce management market share to 60 per cent in public health.

Spark Health was established in October 2018 to deliver Spark Group’s health vision and strategy. WaaS also uses Spark Health’s Digital Health Platform.