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Z Energy appoints chief digital officer to go 'digital-first'

CEO Mike Bennetts completes executive reorganisation by appointing CDO
Mandy Simpson (Z Energy)

Mandy Simpson (Z Energy)

Z Energy has appointed a chief digital officer to champion "digital-first" across the company.

Mandy Simpson will join the fuel retailer's executive team on 19 February reporting to CEO Mike Bennetts, in a role created to lead the company's newly established digital function and model.

Simpson is charged with developing and delivering Z’s digitisation strategy by transforming it into a digital and data driven business focused on customer experience and productivity.

“It is critical that this new role is filled by someone who has the digital skills and the leadership impact to make the difference needed for our customer experience and productivity," Bennetts said.

"Mandy brings both of those through a diverse background and some has recent experience that is highly relevant to what is needed for us to be successful with digital."

Simpson previously worked in the financial services sector in the UK before moving to New Zealand in 2007 to work for Audit New Zealand.

Following that she was CFO for the State Services Commission, CFO and GM technology solutions for Fronde Systems Group, and chief operating officer for the NZX until 2016.

Since then, Simpson was the CEO of start-up Cyber Toa and held various directorships in NZ start-ups.

The appointment completes the executive reorganisation announced by Z Energy on 30 January.

In June 2018, the company was presented with evidence that customer data from its Z Card Online database was accessed by a third party in November 2017.

As reported by Reseller News, the database held customer data such as names, addresses, registration numbers, vehicle types and credit limits with the company.