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Chorus to trial superfast 10Gbit UFB with selected partners

Just a few users will get a preview of what Chorus calls "the world's fasted broadband experience"
10GPON will take UFB speeds to a new level

10GPON will take UFB speeds to a new level

UFB network company Chorus is moving ahead with a trial of super-fast 10Gbit/s technology in selected areas.

The trial, using 10Gbit-PON technology, is expected to start in March.

Chorus is working with its retailers to deliver what it describes as "the world’s fastest broadband experience" to Kiwis.

So far 2Talk, Kordia, Orcon, 2degrees, Slingshot, Trustpower, Stuff Fibre and Vocus Communications have signed up for the trial.

"Customers are ever demanding higher and higher speeds and this is showing no signs of slowing down," Chorus said in post to its partners. "10Gigabit-PON is definitely coming and we would like to invite you to participate in this trial.

"In fact the game is already on in few countries around the globe, and the good news is that it’s time for us to join them and unleash the full potential of our world-leading fibre broadband network."

Chorus is making the initial phase of this trial available to a total of just 30 end customers in Avondale and Birkenhead in Auckland and in Johnsonville in Wellington.

Chorus followed up that invitation with details of how potential end-user customers should be selected.

The company suggested trial participants could include campuses or businesses with large numbers of users, SMEs or home businesses involved in creating and uploading high quality video or graphics content, multi-site customers with need to exchange large quantities of data between sites and high end gamers or early adopters.

"We are keen to understand if you have more customers both inside and outside these initial pilot areas that may be interested to participate in the pilot," Chorus said.

"If there is sufficient demand, we will assess the suitability and viability of expanding the pilot, both within these exchanges and elsewhere."

Last June, after trialling the technology in its innovation lab, Chorus told partners that 10GPON allows 10 Gbps bidirectional access over existing passive optical network (PON) infrastructure.

Specifically, it co-exists with existing NGA GPON services to provide an evolution for customers’ "insatiable demand for faster and better broadband".

The 10GPON trial was based on Nokia’s XGS-PON technology.