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Radio silence as Cryptopia shutdown continues

In the dark users air frustration on social media

The fall-out impacting the Cryptopia security breach has entered the seventh day, with the Christchurch-based company still unable to operate.

A week after suffering “significant losses” following un-authorised access to the Cryptopia Exchange, users remain blocked from accessing the website.

Upon visiting the website, users are greeted with a sign under the title of ‘Important Announcement’, instructing customers to read a recent media release from authorities, which was last updated on 16 January.

“Cryptopia has notified and is cooperating with the appropriate government agencies, including the NZ Police and High Tech Crimes Unit,” a company statement read.

Five days later, police have yet to issue any further updates on the case, as media speculation increases as to the true extent of the damage caused.

In addition to a week out of business, a range of media outlets, driven by increased social media chatter, are reporting losses ranging from $2.5 million to as much as $11 million, despite a lack of official confirmation.

At this stage, nothing has been confirmed by Cryptopia or authorities, leading to frustration among users via social media.