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Unitec teams up with Datacom to offer coding courses

Beginner-level programme will be offered over a number of four-week courses

The Unitec Institute of Technology has joined forces with Datacom developers to teach students how to build apps and websites, through the launch of an online learning course for iOS app development.

According to Unitec, the move makes the organisation the “first tertiary institution in New Zealand to offer an online coding course”.

Specifically, the beginner-level programme will be offered over a number of four-week courses from February next year, including getting started with app development, the fundamentals of Swift, building modern mobile apps, iOS, Xcode and other tools in the Xcode development environment.

Students will also have access to a live, interactive tutorial guided by Unitec and Datacom tutors.

The tutorials will be recorded so students can access them on demand and there will be assessments to monitor students’ progress.

“I’m passionate about making education accessible to all, and we’re delighted to be blending Unitec’s academic knowledge with New Zealand’s leading industry skills through our relationship with Datacom,” said Dila Beisembayeva, acting head of Computer Science at Unitec.

“Students will learn useful, practical and applicable skills, while at the same time establishing strong industry networks.”

According to Sunny Katira - associate director of software at Datacom Associate Director - opening up new educational pathways is “vital” for the continued growth of the New Zealand tech sector.

“We’re very supportive of new ways of learning the business, of developing and improving the knowledge and skills - whether you’re a high school leaver or looking at a new career path later in life,” Katira said. “We need people from all ages and backgrounds to help deepen and widen the IT talent pool in New Zealand.

“We’re looking forward to helping Unitec with this new course, we hope that it opens up doors for new students to this growing and exciting part of the economy.”

The first four-week course starts on 11 February 2019.