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Device-as-a-Service: the channel’s new mobile play

In the current time of transition and innovation, the channel can have new conversations and offer new solutions to customers.

There are currently three significant market trends: customers are increasingly looking for their technology to be provided through service models, the number of technology devices is increasing at an incredible rate, and mobile technologies deliver the greatest productivity gains to businesses.

In 2014, the number of devices overtook the number of people in the world for the first time, and that gap is expected to significantly grow. In addition, 77 per cent of workers claim they are more productive working offsite, and 58 per cent of office space is vacant on any given day.

These statistics are both challenging to – and an opportunity for – organisations. Employees will want new technology that capitalises on mobile trends, but the initial upfront cost is often deterring.  

Keeping Modern and Mobile

Many businesses are driven to cloud adoption by cost considerations, including the desire to rebalance CapEx and OpEx costs.

As devices continue to proliferate, the potential CapEx outlay is significant. Rolling out a new fleet of modern devices is a significant up-front cost for any business, and that cost grows further with the release of new technologies. Businesses need to keep their staff’s technology up to date, ignoring this need only hurts a business.

The Solution

This is one of the reasons Ingram Micro New Zealand has launched a Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. DaaS is a leasing service which allows customers to lease modern devices in a simple package. It allows customers to upgrade an entire work space for a fixed, monthly fee. It’s easy to add everything your customer needs, from software, accessories and support with every device. It is a fast and simple process for which you don’t have to invest upfront, giving customers a clear and predictable overview of their budget.

Better with Windows 10 Pro Devices

Keeping up with the mobile needs of today’s workers is essential. Modern Windows 10 Pro devices offer mobile workers several critical features that enhance productivity through the close integration of the Office 365 productivity suite:

Crucial security features:

Along with many other Windows 10 Pro exclusive tool:

Organisations can now access these benefits while expensing the entire build as an OpEx.

Making the mobility play

With mobility an increasing area of opportunity for organisations, and modern devices now coming with the technology to facilitate this, now is the time for customers to seriously consider a wide-scale refresh of their current device fleet.

In the current time of innovation, mobility and flexibility are king. Thanks to Ingram Micro’s Device-as-a-Service solution, no channel partner need miss out on this opportunity to offer this to their customers. Resellers can sell hardware, software, and solution bundles on an as-a-Service basis to customers without financial and cash flow risk. As such, resellers are better equipped to facilitate the transition for their customers, and offer a real value-add by driving new levels of productivity and efficiency into their business.

For more information on Ingram Micro Device-as-a-Service solution, click here.