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IntegrationWorks bolsters hybrid offering through Axway alliance

Deal spans connected systems, applications and devices

IntegrationWorks has joined forces with specialist vendor Axway to provide hybrid integration offerings to customers across Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ).

The Wellington-based provider will offer connected systems, applications and devices in a hybrid integration model spanning multiple cloud environments.

“A hybrid integration platform brings together a diverse set of integration patterns, integration disciplines, end points and architectures under a common governance both in cloud and on-premises,” said Ian Vanstone, CTO of IntegrationWorks.

Vanstone said the partnership comes as enterprise customers increase adoption of hybrid integration platforms on both sides of the Tasman, driven by digital technologies.

In response, IntegrationWorks will launch a combination of hybrid integration platforms across government, supply chain and financial sector customers.

“All cloud-integration application sometimes isn’t always the best model for some organisations, but sticking to a traditional on-premise model isn’t either,” Vanstone added.

“Hybrid integration platforms, delivered via robust API systems, create perfect digital integration harmony for forward-thinking organisations.”

Axway technology is built on creating hybrid integration environments through API solutions that increase speed of data, reduce legacy costs and improve data transfer security and compliance.

With a hybrid integration model, Vanstone said organisations can now “leverage data” from internal and external sources, customer data and data from cloud and on-premise environments.

The partnership comes as IntegrationWorks continues to build out capabilities across Australia, driven by growth in key markets such as Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Next up, Canberra and Western Australia, as the integrator expands across the Australian market.

“The opportunities that we see in the Australian integration market are focussed on connectivity internally and to the wider ecosystem,” said Ian Richards, managing director of IntegrationWorks Australia, when speaking with ARN in July.

“Our experience shows that Australia and New Zealand remain very focused on providing short-term resourcing, or internal project development to meet these opportunities.

“We leverage our extensive experience in other key markets and segments to provide actual solutions to industry problems, such as attracting and retaining customers through meeting their needs.”

Founded in 2005, the business specialises in professional and technical services, offering in-depth expertise across integration architecture, application programming interfaces (API) strategy and program management, in addition to coding, DevOps and testing.