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Internal Affairs goes agile for new IT managed services contracts

Traditional RFP is out in favour of agile as DIA engages for IT managed services
  • Rob O'Neill (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 05 November, 2018 09:00
Agile is the future of IT managed services procurement, DIA signals

Agile is the future of IT managed services procurement, DIA signals

The Department of Internal Affairs is engaging with suppliers to redefine managed services features and outcomes under its syndicated IT managed services contracts.

A feature of the process is the department has eschewed the traditional request for proposal model in favour of what it describes as "an agile iterative procurement approach by enabling incremental sourcing".

The IT managed service (ITMS) contract changes were considered necessary to allow more government agencies to buy ITMS services, to benefit from greater choice and flexibility, and to use more public cloud services.

The Government's syndicated IT managed service (ITMS) contracts, established in 2012 and renewed in 2016, are due to expire in May 2019.

In advance of that contract expiry, DIA as lead agency for the syndicated contracts completed a co-design process in 2017 with a number of agencies and suppliers.

That highlighted the need for simplification, rationalisation, and standardisation of existing ITMS services, as well as the introduction of new services allowing independent service integration and aggregation management (SIAM), and cloud services brokerage (CSB).

DIA is now seeking feedback to formulate the attributes of suppliers and services of these subcategories of services, commercial terms for which are also under development.

The service integration and managed services (SIMS) program has been established to transform the ITMS portfolio and provide a "flexible and dynamic" approach to procurement of SIMS services via the Government's new online Marketplace.

Specifically, the department is seeking feedback on the proposed service categories, the commercial terms, supplier credentials and service features, market trends and any other insights suppliers can provide.

"In other words, we are not going to do a traditional request for proposal for SIMS services, but rather, we will use an agile iterative procurement approach by enabling incremental sourcing of one or a few sub-categories of SIMS services at a time, a notice published on Friday said.

A supplier briefing session has been scheduled on 20 November.