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Eat My Lunch comes out of the "IT desert" and onto AWS with ClearPoint

New systems have boosted deliveries and allowed Eat My Lunch to expand its menu
  • Rob O'Neill (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 02 October, 2018 11:32
Eat My Lunch founders Michael Meredith and Lisa King

Eat My Lunch founders Michael Meredith and Lisa King

Three years after it delivered its first school lunches, Kiwi social enterprise Eat My Lunch has replaced an "IT desert" with systems in Amazon's cloud.

Service provider ClearPoint ported Eat My Lunch’s existing technology onto Amazon Web Services (AWS) and designed a new online system to help Eat My Lunch manage its own content, products, pricing, subscription management and payments.

“Very early on we felt like we were in an IT desert," said Lisa King, CEO and founder of Eat My Lunch.

“We had hit our three-year forecast in three months, as more and more orders were coming in our online system was struggling and it was clear that what we had wouldn’t manage the scale of the business moving forward, nor allow us to change and flex our business model."

ClearPoint based the changes around the open source e-commerce suite WooCommerce, integrating it with a payment gateway, route optimisation and field services technology vWork.

The company also designed and built a kitchen management solution and automated a number of processes enabling Eat My Lunch to scale operations and self-manage their systems.

Eat My Lunch, which operates a "buy one, give one" model, is celebrating the delivery of one million lunches to kids who would otherwise go hungry at lunchtime.

The engagement began because ClearPoint team members had been ordering the lunches and CTO Bain Hollister approached Eat My Lunch and see if the company could help.

“We have a real desire to make a contribution and part of our greater vision is to be able to help improve people’s lives and the environment through technology," Hollister said.

King said orders have grown from 500 lunches per day to more than 2000. The technology has also allowed Eat My Lunch to add further product lines such as dinners, catering and dietary requirements.

ClearPoint also supplies Eat My Lunch's infrastructure, hardware and website support.

The company appointed a new Wellington general manager, John Brett, starting this month.

Brett has experience delivering projects in IT applications, digital, infrastructure, service migration, network security, and business transformation.