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CodeBlue and SnapperNet transform Kiwi logistics firm through Ubiquiti

Deployment provides improved network capabilities for the Kiwi business

CodeBlue has leveraged technologies from Ubiquiti Networks to deliver an upgrade to third-party logistics company Online Distribution in New Zealand.

The deployment has resulted in improved network capabilities for the Kiwi business, backed up by new efficiencies and cost savings through a managed IT service.

Specifically, CodeBlue installed Ubiquiti firewalls, switches and access points across the business, spanning 13 warehouses across the country.

The move was designed to replace ageing hardware and a network comprising multiple brands of switches, firewalls and access points, with Ubiquiti distributed by SnapperNet locally.

“We have various systems - such as Access Control, Avaya phones, security systems etc - which are remotely managed by our vendors, often causing frustration and a lack of productivity for both them and us,” said Mike Evans, IT manager of Online Distribution,

“Upgrading our hardware and providing network coverage across all of our sites became crucial to achieve a more robust setup as well as better control via remote management.”

According to Evans, the business also had a strong focus on lowering reliance on onsite servers, transitioning to the cloud in the process.

“With a cloud-based warehouse management system at the heart of Online Distribution’s business, a strong internet connection and solid network were critical,” Evans explained.

Evans said any network outages not only impacted Online Distribution, but customers who used virtual LANs within the company’s network – one office alone had 33 VLANs.

The business provides outsourced warehousing and distribution for over 200 clients ranging from start-ups to multi-national corporations.

“We have complete visibility of the network, where previously we had nothing, added Matt Bourne, customer advisor at CodeBlue.

The project has also provided added visibility across the network via a central controller, enabling CodeBlue to monitor whether a network or switch is down.

“CodeBlue can now remotely access more of our network than previously,” Evans added.

“This ensures we can check the health of the network and receive alerts about issues preventing downtime and review the complex rules we have on our firewalls for our VLANs and various clients.

“The managed Ubiquiti Networks switches stabilised the network, saving downtime, frustration and problems for both us and our customers who piggy back off our network.”

Furthermore, Evans said the new firewalls and reconfigured VLANs are “running more smoothly”, helping to revamp the company’s IT infrastructure as a result.

“Our warehouse teams are also reaping the benefits, finding everything more robust with the new PCs and more consistent network, and they’re experiencing greater efficiencies in using the warehouse management system which is at the heart of Online Distribution’s operations,” Evans added.

“Since the hardware upgrade our users have noticed fewer issues and less downtime in the warehouse. As a business we now have a much more managed, proactive approach.”

CodeBlue leveraged the capabilities of SnapperNet to carry out the upgrade, tapping into more than 17 years of industry experience.

“We’ve been distributing Ubiquiti Networks for five years and we’re seeing larger organisations which would normally only use what they term “enterprise-grade” products, switching to Ubiquiti Networks because they have recognised that it’s solid and reliable and full of the features they want,” added Richard Paul, director of SnapperNet.