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EMT Distribution signs trans-Tasman exclusive agreement with VMRay

Completes advanced threat protection portfolio

Adelaide-based EMT Distribution has signed an exclusive deal with malware analysis solutions provider VMRay across Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ).

For EMT, the move represents a strategic deal as VMRay's malware analysis solutions integrate with other cyber security solutions in the distributor's portfolio such as OPSWAT and ThreatConnect.

The new partnership will help EMT build a complete ecosystem of advanced threat protection, analysis, detection, orchestration and response, according to the distributor.

"Results from VMRay Analyzer can be ingested by the ThreatConnect threat intelligence platform, for example, to automate an organisation’s response," EMT explained in a statement.

"Analysts can even view the threat level of a file while it is being analysed to decrease the response time to a given threat.

"VMRay also incorporates static analysis via integration with OPSWAT’s threat detection and prevention platform, and includes its own file reputation engine to speed up the process of weeding out known good and bad files from the unknown."

VMRay provides both on-premises and cloud-based dynamic file analysis solutions that organisations can use to determine if unknown files are potentially malicious or not.

“Our partnership with EMT Distribution allows VMRay to better achieve its mission to help both private enterprises and governments protect themselves against the growing global malware threat,” said Carsten Willems, co-founder of VMRay.

"With EMT Distribution we can work with an extensive network of partners in Australia and New Zealand to reach those organisations.”

Meanwhile, Scott Hagenus, CMO for EMT Distribution, said that VMRay provides a platform to offer customers an extra layer of security.

"For channel partners with expertise in traditional cyber security methods, VMRay lets them branch out and offer a more sophisticated, deeper-level analysis of the threat landscape," Hagenus added.