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Waitemata DHB's home-made patient information software is winning fans

Inpatient Snapshot is delivering unprecedented access to real-time patient data at two Auckland DHBs
  • Rob O'Neill (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 17 August, 2018 12:31
Counties Manukau DHB is deploying software developed at nearby Waitemata DHB

Counties Manukau DHB is deploying software developed at nearby Waitemata DHB

Doctors at North Shore and Waitakere hospitals are accessing up-to-date patient health data instantly thanks to software developed in-house by Waitemata DHB.

The Inpatient Snapshot software compiles a significant portion of a patient’s electronic health data onto one easy to-use screen, giving clinicians a clear and up-to-date view of a person’s medical history from time spent in hospitals or from information gained through GP referrals.

Previously, doctors and other users had to move in and out of different systems to gather the data needed.

The software is winning fans outside of Waitemata DHB, with Counties Manukau DHB also rolling it out and others likely to follow.

Inpatient Snapshot is currently used more than 3000 times-a-day in Waitemata alone, and is expected to save more than 20,000 hours of clinician time a year.

Waitemata DHB pharmacist and IS clinical change manager David Ryan said as processes became electronic, clinicians started asking for a summary of patient data in real-time, but the underlying systems were not fast enough.

Inpatient Snapshot, launched at Waitemata DHB in December 2017, displays information from the eVitals and ePrescribing systems, which showed data around a patient’s vital signs and the medications prescribed and administered while in hospital.

Ryan then extended the system’s capabilities to include information on a patient’s allergies, referrals, radiology exams, lab results, other relevant documents and community dispensing results.

The project was initiated as part of the CEO sponsored Leapfrog – a program that fast-tracks technological advances that will make a big impact in a short period of time.

Meanwhile, Waitemata DHB CEO Dr Dale Bramley said initiatives like the Inpatient Snapshot are vital to ensuring the people of Waitemata receive the best care possible.

Waitemata DHB is focusing on innovation to provide the resources and  level of care needed for the future, Bramley added.

“The Inpatient Snapshot, along with eVitals and ePrescribing, is a perfect example of what can be achieved when we combine expertise and technology," he said.

The foundation of the project was a drive to digitisation - Ryan said the DHB worked hard to reduce paper records over the past five years and now has a significant proportion of its clinical information stored electronically.