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Inland Revenue declares GST system problems solved

A network load balancer at an external provider is blamed for poor performance
  • Rob O'Neill (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 27 June, 2018 09:15
System performance problems have been resolved, IRD says

System performance problems have been resolved, IRD says

Inland Revenue has declared access and performance problems that dogged its new online GST system this week solved.

The system performance issues were tracked down to a network load rebalancer at the division's telecommunications provider.

"Initially the problems had appeared to affect only a few customers, it had been growing, but it was thought the problem was with customer log-ins," IRD said today.

"However some very specific customer feedback yesterday led IR investigations to the problem with the provider’s network load re-balancer. That was quickly fixed by the provider."

Media reports yesterday reported accountants were fuming as the problems emerged during a peak filing period with reported issues including slow logins and slow rendering of pages that broke up when rendered.

IRD apologised to affected customers adding that most were now managing to file their GST returns - 18,000 did so yesterday, around what was expected.

"This hasn’t impacted other types of tax, for example income tax or people seeking tax refunds," the IRD said. 'Last week there were over 700,000 logins to our online services, with 98.9 per cent within our service standard of six seconds."

Nor does it affect the new Best Start child tax credit program, IRD said. This will be processed as scheduled from 1 July.

Also, IRD is in the middle of a $1.8 billion transformation program that, among other goals, is replacing the tax engine that services the department and customers online.