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Eagle Technology sets up shop in Christchurch

A new central city office will offer technical support, service and GIS training
  • Rob O'Neill (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 06 March, 2018 14:15
Duane Eagle - Managing director, Eagle Technology

Duane Eagle - Managing director, Eagle Technology

Eagle Technology has replaced a virtual Christchurch office with a real one to support its South Island client base. 

Duane Eagle, managing director of Eagle Technology, said the office is the culmination of a plan that began more than seven years ago, just before earthquakes devastated the city.

The technology provider first opened its Christchurch office in January 2011 in Victoria Street, an area that suffered extensive damage just one month later.

That forced Kenna Kelly, Eagle's principal account manager for South Island customers, to operate from her home, supported remotely by the wider teams in Wellington and Auckland.

"During this time our South Island customers have grown to include more than 150 organisations across sectors including local government, infrastructure, agriculture, utilities, education, iwi, consulting and business," Eagle said.

Kelly will be joined in the new office, at 177 High St, by a team offering professional services and technical support.

“We have a number of very long-standing customers, particularly in local and regional government , as well as a burgeoning number in other sectors, such as forestry and infrastructure," Eagle added.

"As a full-service IT infrastructure and GIS practice, we’ve provided GIS solutions to solve a number of problems relating to the Christchurch re-build, and have been active in assisting with common operating systems for emergency management teams in more recent events, such as the Port Hills fires and the Kaikoura earthquakes."

Eagle Technology is the distributor for Esri’s ArcGIS platform, and will also now be offering training courses in Christchurch as part of the regular training schedule.