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Revera targets REANNZ network to win more IaaS clients

Spark-owned provider connects the company’s datacentres to REANNZ’s research and education network.
  • Rob O'Neill (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 05 March, 2018 08:50
Revera has connected its Takanini data centres to the REANNZ research and education network

Revera has connected its Takanini data centres to the REANNZ research and education network

Revera is making access to its government-approved Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) portfolio easier for organisations connected to the REANNZ network.

The Spark-owned cloud services provider has connected the company’s Homeland data centres in Takanini and Trentham to REANNZ’s high-speed research and education network, allowing the network operator’s 40 members to link directly to Revera’s all-of-government IaaS catalogue.

The connection effectively removes network procurement costs for REANNZ members looking to buy government-approved infrastructure services.

“We’re about facilitating technology choices for our members,” says REANNZ chief engagement manager Douglas Harré.

“The advantage of a direct high-speed connection between our network and a data centre is lower cost – our members don’t have to procure network services to access government-approved IaaS.”

REANNZ members Callaghan Innovation and ESR are the first REANNZ members to take advantage of the direct connection to Revera.

Launched in 2012/13, the All of Government IaaS catalogue allows public sector organisations to buy virtual servers, storage services, and backup services from panel providers Revera, Datacom and IBM.

They can also buy cloud services indirectly from AWS and Microsoft through the panel suppliers.

Harré said REANNZ’s research-grade network enabled its members to make big data transfers as they developed and shared research.

Revera business development manager of emerging products Daniel Fairbairn said increasing data volumes and workloads were driving up network connectivity costs.

“In the rush to cloud services it’s easy to underestimate the significance of a network connection, both in terms of cost and performance. No one likes those sorts of surprises.”