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Cyclone contracts FlexiGroup to support revamped teacher laptop scheme

Cyclone Computer appoints FlexiGroup as leasing partner for new TELA+ scheme.
  • Rob O'Neill (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 02 March, 2018 08:40
Graham Prentice (Cyclone)

Graham Prentice (Cyclone)

FlexiGroup New Zealand will continue to support of the Ministry of Education’s teacher laptop scheme as leasing financier for the new TELA+ scheme, which launched today.

FlexiGroup will work with Ministry's new lead contractor for the scheme, Cyclone Computer Company, over the next three years to deliver TELA+, which supplies laptops to eligible principals and teachers in state and state integrated schools.

As reported last month, FlexiGroup subsidiary TRL Leasing was replaced by Cyclone as the main contractor after losing a competitive tender.

TRL Leasing had held the TELA contract since February 2012 and signed a two-year extension in February 2016.

With Cyclone now the single contractor with the Ministry, suppliers such as FlexiGroup are contracted by Cyclone as partners.

“FlexiGroup NZ’s proven experience with the TELA scheme combined with the strength of relationships they already hold with schools around New Zealand reinforced our decision to engage with them as a leasing partner for this important scheme,” said Graham Prentice, general manager government sector at Cyclone.

The TELA+ scheme offers selected models from Acer, Apple, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft, including laptops, tablets and Chromebooks.

FlexiGroup NZ chief commercial officer Gary Nalder said the organisation is committed to continuing the delivery of an "excellent experience" for the teachers of New Zealand through the TELA+ scheme.

“Working with Cyclone we have developed the next generation of this highly successful programme that supports educators all across New Zealand," he said. 

"As with all the financial services we provide, it’s about making things simple and effective for our customers and TELA+ is a great example of this."