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Chorus prepares network as Cyclone Gita aftermath continues

In preparation for this, Chorus’ generators in its exchanges have been checked and re-fuelled

Chorus has been working over the last few days to help prepare its network to cope with the impact of ex-Cyclone Gita.

“The preparation work has been done with the expectation that heavy rain and severe gales over the coming days could result in power outages in affected areas for an extended time,” a spokesperson for Chorus said.

“There is also a risk that the rough weather could result in slips creating access issues to parts of Chorus’ network in need of repair.”

In preparation for this, the telco's generators in its exchanges have been checked and re-fuelled, and portable generators deployed to a number of locations where the weather is expected to be at its worst.

The generators are used to supply power to cabinets without mains or battery power.

Furthermore, Chorus has also been in contact with lines companies, councils and Civil Defence to relay plans and ensure a "good line of communication" between the various parties.

“Chorus’ service companies also plan to increase the number of technicians available so they can deal with outages as quickly as possible,” a spokesperson added.

“In the event of outages, technicians will prioritise medical escalations as they are raised by retail phone and broadband providers.”

Cyclone Gita was the most intense tropical cyclone to impact Tonga since reliable records began, striking the island in early February.

As Cyclone Gita threatened to hit New Zealand as a strong ex-tropical cyclone, New Zealand's MetService issued heavy rain warnings and strong wind warnings covering a wide expanse of the country.

Last week, the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management said that a state of emergency could be declared on 20 February.