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Gentrack creates new Veovo brand for airport software portfolio

CEO Ian Black says the new brand provides a cohesive brand for airport management software
Airport management software enables predictive management, Gentrack says.

Airport management software enables predictive management, Gentrack says.

Auckland-based Gentrack is rebranding its global airport software group after a series of acquisitions.

Now called Veovo, the brand combines Gentrack’s Airport 20/20 operations software with the recently acquired BlipTrack guest predictability software and Concessionaire Analyzer+ revenue maximisation software.

"The establishment of Veovo enables us to focus on the combined value of our investment in CA+ and Blip, and it provides a cohesive brand for our predictive collaboration platform for airports," Gentrack CEO Ian Black said.

Airports are under pressure to deliver memorable and repeatable experiences for increasing numbers of guests, requiring "proactive management across operations, resources, systems, service providers and guests", Gentrack said.

“Veovo is at the heart of this transformation, unlocking insights across the airport ecosystem, predicting the best path forward and quickly connecting all stakeholders and resources to respond - no matter the situation," Black said.

Veovo software is used globally by more than 110 airports to plan, predict and perfect interactions. The systems are also deployed in theme parks, resort and retail environments.

NZX-listed Gentrack also makes management software for water and energy utilities.