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Lotto NZ sets up its own catch-all hardware procurement panel

Lotto's panel will cover technologies from digital signage through servers and networking
Lotto NZ's unique hardware needs will be answered through a new supplier panel

Lotto NZ's unique hardware needs will be answered through a new supplier panel

Lotto NZ is establishing its own panel of suppliers for hardware it can't source under existing all-of-government agreements.

Lotto, which operates the country's largest retail network and also offers gaming services online, expects a range of products may be acquired through the panel during the three-year closed contract period.

These include digital signage (televisions, media players and cables), network infrastructure (switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers and wireless networking), servers and storage (servers, disks and SANS) and point of sale (equipment for the support of Lotto's point of sale systems).

Once the panel is established, Lotto will buy two ways: either asking for a competitive quote from some or all member suppliers; or through direct sourcingĀ of a supplier evaluated as offering capacity and capability and the best value for money.

Lotto NZ also reserves the right to buy products or services outside the panel if it decides the panel has not been able to satisfy its procurement requirements.

Furthermore, Lotto NZ is seeking to panel members who can quickly provide pricing, provide a delivery date and keep Lotto updated should any delays occur, who can accurately fulfill orders and with robust support and warranty processes.

Two contract extensions of up to two years each are also provided for in the tender.

The deadline for proposals is 4pm on 2 March.