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Auckland Transport tackles transport roadblocks with ride-sharing platform trial

Apps to be deivered for drivers and passengers along with a back-end system for bookings and routing.
Auckland Transport's ride-sharing trial will focus initially on connections to and from the downtown ferry terminal.

Auckland Transport's ride-sharing trial will focus initially on connections to and from the downtown ferry terminal.

Auckland Transport is seeking proposals for a ride-sharing system to help address Auckland's transport woes.

The city's lead agency for public transport is scoping a trial platform to support an on-demand ride-sharing service, including apps for both the driver and the customer.

The customer-facing app will place, manage and pay for bookings while the other app will communicate and direct the driver. Both will be supported by a back-end system to process bookings, optimise routing and allocate and monitor the vehicle.

Auckland Transport says customer journeys begin with the commute from home to the nearest transport hub and ends with a similar commute home. 

"We also recognise that their connecting journeys before and after the public transport ride can be influential enough to encourage or discourage a person to ride public transport," the agency says in its request for proposals.

Ride-sharing is a potential means of improving such first and last leg connections. 

The trial is intended to test the viability of the service proposition and the success of the trial is heavily reliant on the efficiency and usability of the technical solution, the document says. 

"Therefore, we are seeking a supplier who has a proven track record in delivering a similar solution in a market similar to Auckland, reliably managing and maintaining all elements of the technical solution as well as sharing Auckland Transport’s vision to change the way people travel with the on-demand rideshare service."

The trial service will initially use six electric vehicles and will operate in a three kilometre radius from the Devonport ferry terminal. 

"These strategies will facilitate a seamless and convenient travel experience for our customers. They will also make public transport more accessible to potential customers which is expected to increase public transport use."

Auckland Transport requires the solution to be configured and customised to fit the trial’s scope and geographic location. Branding for the end-user experience should be consistent with Auckland Transport branding. 

The solution would also need to interface with Auckland Transport internal strategic applications for identity and customer record management.