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Dimension Data strengthens NZ cyber security practice

Practice combines Dimension Data’s consulting, technical and managed security services, as well as its ethical hacking and forensic security business

Dimension Data has strengthened its cyber security practice in New Zealand, in response to the growing demand from customers and the ever-changing nature of security threats.

The practice combines Dimension Data’s consulting, technical and managed security services, as well as its ethical hacking and forensic security business,

“Cyber security is no longer solely an IT issue,” Dimension Data CEO Wayne Yarr said. “Cyber security resilience and risk management is increasingly becoming a CEO and boardroom priority.

“Our clients demand more than just an IT technology solution, they want to work with experts who not only understand their business but know how to execute and implement cyber security strategies – across policy, process and technology.”

As explained by Yarr, the provider’s cyber security team is made up of business consultants, technology architects, IT forensic specialists and testers, capable of engaging at “every level” across the business.

“Today’s cyber security challenge is as much about managing a security incident as it is about preventing one,” Dimension Data head of cyber security practice Matthew Lord added.

“We know from CERT NZ that ransomware is a huge issue, it accounts for 13 per cent of all reported incidents with 25 per cent of the incidents resulting in financial loss. Most businesses will have a ransomware infection this year."

According to Lord, who represents Dimension Data on the New Zealand Government’s cyber security task force and is a past A/NZ co-chair of the International Information Security Forum, people and processes are now just as important as technology.

“We know these are often our weakest links, with CERT NZ finding 15 per cent of all security incidents relate to unauthorised access,” Lord added.

“Clients need a full-service solution to ensure they are aware of all the potential risks and have the right technology, people and processes in place.”

In the case of an incident, Lord said the global capabilities of NTT Security will give Dimension Data the ability to reach into the “rich database” of security incident data that will help our clients recover.

“Cyber security is a new and scary issue for many of our clients,” Lord added. “They need to know they are working with a partner that understands the ever-changing landscape, can adapt to new threats and implement the latest technologies.

“As an independent integrator we can advise on the best solutions for them. We are looking forward to working strategically with our clients, helping them transform the way they approach cyber security to ensure they are protected and prepared.”