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Juniper Networks unveils updates to Partner Advantage program

Introduce changes to match partners’ needs

Juniper Networks has updated its Partner Advantage program, deepening focusing on cloud, security, data centre and software development, effective 1 January 2018.

Included in the new features of the program are two new cloud specialisations, which will join Juniper’s existing Cloud Service Partner specialisation, created two years ago.

The Cloud Integrator Specialisation is designed for existing partners wishing to build their cloud practice and the Cloud Frist Specialisation was designed for born-in-the-cloud partners looking to expand their knowledge.

There is also a new security specialisation with additional incentives, rebates and MDFs attached to it. Juniper also said that it is working to put together security bundles.

“We super enhanced and supercharged the security program to motivate our partners to take advantage of the security products,” Juniper Networks VP partners and alliances APAC, Mitch Lewis, told ARN.

According to Lewis, the updates to the program are a response to the transformation in the industry.

“We know that we need to work with the partners much differently. We developed new specialisations that address the market opportunities in cloud, security, data centre and software development.”

The updates will be available globally, however Darrin Iatrou, Juniper ANZ area partner director, said the Australian and New Zealand market have often been leading the pack in new product adoptions and growth.

“Juniper ANZ had unprecedented growth in the past three years. A lot of that is on the back of data centre and cloud explosion,” Iatrou told ARN.

He explained that now partners are able to choose and specialise in one area rather than have to be a specialist in all to become an Elite partner, the highest level of partnership inside Juniper Partner Advantage (JPA)

“The 2017 JPA offered a general approach to becoming certified and improve their position with their partner status level, what we’ve done in 2018 we’ve separated into specialisations.

“You can continue the path from being a Standard reseller, improving yourself in certifications and revenue to go to a Select level. From then, if you want to push yourself to become an Elite partner you can be a specialist in that field,” Iatrou told ARN.

Ultimately, the program will allow partners to become specialists in one area if desired and be the provider of choice for their customers.