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Accenture builds Oracle suite to provide customised bridge to the cloud

Cloud suite offers a customised bridge to enable personalised journeys to the cloud

Accenture has unveiled plans to provide personalised cloud migration deployments for organisations, through the launch of Cloud Suite for Oracle.

Originating from the Accenture Oracle Business Group, the practice consists of an extensive portfolio of cloud-based accelerators, assets and tools, designed to provide tailored offerings across the Oracle Cloud portfolio.

Designed to integrate with architectures at multiple levels, the suite incorporates more than 200 journey to cloud accelerators, assets and tools across Oracle’s existing software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and data-as-a-service offerings (DaaS).

“The Accenture Cloud Suite for Oracle taps into Accenture’s decade-long investments in cloud technology and our experience helping countless clients reinvent themselves by taking advantage of the flexibility and new innovations possible with cloud,” Accenture CTO Paul Daugherty said.

“This expansive collection of specialised industry solutions, accelerators and automation offers clients material end-to-end savings throughout their journey to Oracle Cloud using the Cloud Suite.”

Spanning four key areas - Architect, Accelerate, Automate and Delivery - Daugherty said the suite is “purpose-built” to provide a “flexible bridge” to help enable cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premises and cloud-to-custom architectures and solutions.

Specifically, Accenture will provide reference architectures, models, decision trees, point of views and blueprints to help build mature architectures, alongside speeding up planning and execution with starter kits, common services, pre-built integrations and solution guidelines.

Delving deeper, the practice is designed to remove manual work from implementations and migrations to the cloud with automated tools for DevOps, migration (Accenture Cloud Connect), testing and environment provisioning, bolstered by added capabilities across artificial intelligence and robotic process automation tools.

Such work is backed by Accenture’s in-house design agencies, such as Fjord, and delivered by a network of Oracle-focused Global Delivery Centres, Innovation Centres and Liquid Studios.

“The structure of the Accenture Cloud Suite for Oracle helps enable Accenture to harvest new knowledge, ranging from code, documentation, and leading practices to integrations and automation for future reuse on client projects,” Daugherty explained.

“These assets include modules such as Accenture Rapid Prototype Builder, which helps enable clients to build prototypes in hours or days vs. weeks or months.

“Also, broader tools like Accenture IaaS Cloud Accelerator for Oracle, which is used to automate the migration of any Oracle and most non-Oracle workloads from on-premises or another public cloud to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, effectively making applications more responsive and helping reduce downtime and disruption to the business.”

With more than 54,000 Oracle-skilled consultants around the world, Accenture has operated as a specialist Oracle systems integrator for over two decades, with expertise across banking, health, retail, travel and insurance among others.

“The tools provided by the Accenture Cloud Suite for Oracle, such as Cloud Connect, have driven significant business results and operational efficiencies for Oracle customers,” Oracle president of product development Thomas Kurian added.

“With the launch of Accenture Cloud Suite for Oracle, countless more businesses will be able to accelerate their journey to the cloud by leveraging Oracle’s industry-leading cloud solutions and Accenture’s unrivalled integration capabilities.”