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DIA hosts government sourcing hackathon ahead of OECD E-Leaders Forum

Sourcing in a digital age will be the topic of discussion at this year's OECD E-Leaders Forum meeting in Lisbon.
The OECD E-Leaders Forum this week in Lisbon will tackle the challenges of digital sourcing for transformation.

The OECD E-Leaders Forum this week in Lisbon will tackle the challenges of digital sourcing for transformation.

The results of international hackathons focusing on government sourcing in the digital age will be delivered to a New Zealand-chaired OECD E-Leaders Forum meeting in Lisbon this week.

Locally, over 50 representatives from government and business came together recently for the NZ hack event, dubbed "Innovative sourcing for a digital government" and hosted by the Department of Internal Affairs.

The representatives worked together to flesh out the issue of "how government can better source innovation to support its digital transformation".

Similar events were organised by the UK, Canadian, Australian and Chilean governments as part a commitment to the Working Party of Digital Government Officials, also known as the OECD E-Leaders Forum.

The Forum, to be led on 21 and 22 September, will explore how technologies such as the Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are bringing decision-makers to a cross-roads, the OECD's meeting agenda says. 

"Today, governments need to be agile and adaptable to seize the opportunities of the digital transformation," the agenda says. "Governments need to have the ability to quiclky choose between the different alternatives available, often with insufficient information and high degrees of uncertainty, and bring along public structures that are often slow, risk-adverse and hierarchical."

Topics for discussion include:

  • From vertical production to system thinking approaches
  • From user-centred to user-driven public administration
  • Digital skills for 21st century civil service
  • Data as an infrastructure for the digital transformation
  • Commissioning of ICT in the digital age
  • International collaboration

“This was a great opportunity to reimagine how we access the innovation needed to drive government’s digital transformation," DIA general manager Chris Webb said. "New Zealand is already recognised as a digital leader but we need to go faster.”

Teams made up of New Zealand public and private sector participants hacked pain points presented by three users – an agency procurement lead, an agency digital innovation adviser and a young startup with a creative solution to a difficult government problem.

Teams applied design thinking to focus on understanding and defining user pain points and then generating a range of creative solutions. 

Solutions pitched at the end of the day focused on making government’s procurement approach faster and more flexible to keep up with market innovation.

These ideas will inform the upcoming E-Leaders meeting and will be tested further by a co-design community made up of agencies and suppliers in New Zealand.

The last E-Leaders meeting, in Estonia last year, tackled the issue of how to make data-driven public sectors a reality.