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Voyager Internet acquires phone services provider Conversant

Acquisition of voice over IP provider Conversant follows buyout of ISP Actrix last October.
IP phone specialist Conversant has been sold to Voyager Internet for an undisclosed sum

IP phone specialist Conversant has been sold to Voyager Internet for an undisclosed sum

Internet service provider Voyager Internet has bought local internet phone services company Conversant. 

The deal will give Voyager immediate access to Conversant's voice technology platform. 

Founded by entrepreneur Cameron Beattie in 2004, Conversant have been delivering VoIP solutions in New Zealand for over 12 years, and in Australia since early 2016. 

The sale price has not been disclosed.

"Acquisitions such as this one reflect Voyager's strategic intent to continue our growth and expansion of our technological capabilities," said Voyager founder and entrepreneur Seeby Woodhouse, 

"Conversant have built a reputation based on their truly innovative approach. Cameron and the rest of the team are exceptionally good at what they do, a fact which is reflected in the extremely high performant standard of their products." 

The acquisition will allow Voyager's leapfrog developing an equivalent VoIP offering, Woodhouse said. That would mean new and better functionality for Voyager customers sooner than would be possible through development.

Voyager will establish an Innovative Solutions department, led by Beattie, to develop new technologies and systems tfor customers, Woodhouse said. 

Beattie said the combination of Conversant's software development expertise with Voyager's telco, networking and infrastructure expertise will result in greater reliability and scalability, a broader product offering and deeper integration across the suite of telco services. .

All Conversant employees move to Voyager as part of the deal and will be based at the company's Auckland offices.

Voyager also acquired ISP Actrix Networks last October. With that addition Voyager Internet boasted Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch offices, over 60 staff and combined group revenues of $24 million a year.