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UCG lands $75 million broadband connection gig with Chorus

UCG also picks up extra regional work on Chorus' original UFB rollout.
New $75 million broadband connection deal for Brisbane-based UCG

New $75 million broadband connection deal for Brisbane-based UCG

Chorus has awarded a $75 million Ultrafast Broadband network connection contract to Brisbane-based Universal Communications Group (UCG).

Known as UFB2 Connect Services, the contract involves UCG connecting up to 203,000 homes and businesses in 169 New Zealand provincial towns. 

UCG will also be entering new UFB1 areas to provide connect services for premises in Rotorua, Taupo, Whakatane, Nelson and Blenheim.

Operating throughout New Zealand and Australia on government-supported national broadband deployments, UCG goes to market as a broadband technology infrastructure specialist. In addition to UCG, Chorus also works with service providers Visionstream, Broadspectrum and Downer.

UCG chairman Iain Morrison said he was extremely pleased with the progress UCG had made in working with Chorus since the company's initial contract was signed in 2014.

"We believe there is a very good cultural fit between the two organisations and that view is vindicated today," he said.

UCG CEO Rafael Luna said UCG looked forward to working with Chorus on the project, realising it will present logistical challenges. UCG will start delivering under the new three-year contract in late September.

The deal comes after Crown Fibre Holdings awarded the majority of the second stage of the Ultrafast Broadband fibre rollout to Chorus.