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Collaborative mobile platform launches in NZ channel

Platform aims to bridge the knowledge gap across the IT industry

Scout, a collaborative mobile content platform for the channel, has launched in New Zealand, connecting partners, distributors and vendors via targeted and relevant information releases.

Developed in conjunction with Satellite Media, an Auckland-based digital productivity agency, the platform aims to bridge the knowledge gap across the IT industry, connecting all aspects of the supply chain through in-demand channel content.

Created by channel specialists Michelle Hall and David Hook, alongside Sherman Ng, the platform officially launched on 14 August, providing access to technical information, incentives and promotions.

“We launched Scout in New Zealand because we saw a gap in the local market for quality IT content in one collaborative hub that is mobile,” Scout chief marketing officer Michelle Hall told Reseller News.

“But once we have the platform established we will look to expand offshore as it is suitable both internationally as well as across industry segments.”

From an audience perspective, Hall said Scout has “mass reach”, targeting partners, distributors, vendors and end-users nationwide, across all technology types.

“Anyone searching for product content, white papers, video, case studies, model comparisons, partner programs, complimentary vendor solutions, news, events, promotions and more can use this app,” Hall explained.

From a partner perspective, Hall said Scout provides targeted mobile-friendly content that allows the channel to connect with the right vendor and distributor.

Alongside search functionality and ease of use, the application offers anytime access to industry news - through a Reseller News link - events, incentives and promotions, alongside model comparisons and partner program details.

“Users no longer need to search multiple websites for content, Scout can provide targeted content that best meets their requirements,” Hall added.

Scout Content
Scout Content

For vendors, Hall said Scout represents a new communication channel that reflects the changing requirements of the customer, serving up a platform for streamlined content, coupled with user targeting, improved metrics and user visibility tools.

“Scout also provides improved run rate business due to increased engagement cadence, as well as targeted push notifications and advertising opportunities,” Hall explained.

“Alongside vendor benefits, users have direct access to distributors should they want to engage directly. Reach and coverage is one of the key functions of distribution, with Scout allowing distributors to engage with channel partners on behalf of vendors they represent.

“Distributors execute marketing activity to develop and grow resellers understanding and knowledge of their vendors, with Scout offering a mobile platform that provides delivery of content to customers and metrics to indicate what content/messaging is resonating with their customers.”

Since launching locally, Hall said response and uptake has been “overwhelming” for the platform, as all aspects of the channel maximise an agnostic collaboration tool.

“The demand for Scout has been overwhelming,” Hall added. “The feedback has been fantastic and many believe we’re going to fill a large gap in the New Zealand market.

“A wide range of vendors are interested in participating in the Scout offering, due to the wide reach and targeted content on a mobile application that is not restricted by device.

“There is nothing that currently competes head on with Scout, this is the first of its kind in the local market and that is why the proposition is so strong.”