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Enable hits 50,000 customer mark in Christchurch fibre broadband rollout

Over 24,000 local families, businesses, schools and community service providers across the region make fibre broadband switch.

Enable has finished its financial year with over 50,000 customers connected to fibre broadband in Christchurch.

During the past 12 months, over 24,000 local families, businesses, schools and community service providers across the region have made the fibre broadband switch, including Rolleston, Lincoln, Prebbleton, Templeton, Rangiora, Kaiapoi and Woodend.

“Christchurch and the surrounding towns continue to embrace fibre broadband at a tremendous rate, much more than we ever anticipated,” Enable CEO Steve Fuller said. “One in three of those that can get our services are now connected.”

Fuller said the fibre broadband services provider has connected around 100 customers to fibre every business day – about 50 per cent more than expected during peak uptake rates.

“This translates into tens of thousands more people in our community getting home or to work and enjoying the best internet experience,” he added.

“We know that our customers use their fibre broadband connection for many, many things – some examples include accessing online entertainment, connecting with friends and families, reaching new customers or learning in new ways.”

Enable fibre broadband coverage
Enable fibre broadband coverage

Throughout Enable’s financial year ending 30 June 2017, Fuller reported a “significant increase” in the number of businesses connecting to fibre broadband, with 6,240 business connections - an increase of 2,142 in a year.

“It’s hugely positive that businesses are recognising that fibre broadband can make a difference to their productivity, market expansion, profitability or how easily they can do business regardless of what kind of business they are or how big they are,” Fuller added.

“The availability and adoption of fibre broadband in Christchurch is well ahead of most of the world.

“This means there is a genuine opportunity for Christchurch businesses to gain competitive advantage, and innovate and grow - and for providers to find new ways to deliver services to our community. Fibre broadband is an important enabler of Christchurch’s economic and social growth.”

Fuller said Enable is now about 85 per cent of the way through its network build – with over 150,000 homes and businesses able to connect.

Furthermore, the business is launching fibre broadband services in new Christchurch suburbs and streets every month as it works to complete the network before the end of 2018, which would be ahead of schedule.

“We have well over 4,000 homes and businesses connected in Rolleston – that’s about 70 per cent of the community – presenting a strong case for Rolleston being the most connected community in New Zealand,” Fuller added.