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Air New Zealand integrates smartphone cameras for smart check-in service

Service also sends reminders of expired passports and helps eliminate paper boarding passes.
Air New Zealand is making flying less stressful through mobile app development.

Air New Zealand is making flying less stressful through mobile app development.

Air New Zealand has integrated smartphone cameras into its app to deliver a smart passport service and ease check-in pain.

The airline announced today that its mobile app is now able to scan and save passport information. Not only will this streamline their check-in experience, it will also triggers passport expiry reminders including providing links to renew New Zealand, Australian, British and American passports.

Every month around 550 its customers turn up to the airport with an expired passports, Air New Zealand said. Around 10% of customers also type their passport details incorrectly as they check in online. 

By saving these details to their profile, customers will enjoy a smoother, less stressful travel experience and ensure their documents have been completed correctly.

Air New Zealand’s chief digital officer Avi Golan said customer feedback is driving the rollout of such time-saving tools.

“Integrating smartphone camera technology to our app paves the way for adding secure credit card scanning to our booking system, as well as longer term developments such as selfie-boarding - using biometrics and facial recognition to verify customers at the gate,” Golan said.

Customers can look forward to increasingly smarter digital travel experiences both on the day of travel and when planning a trip, he said.

Additional features now live in the Air New Zealand mobile app include multi-pass management for customers travelling as a family or group, allowing the download up to nine boarding passes to their app. Users can also purchase an additional bag to add to an existing seat-only domestic fare.

The Air New Zealand mobile app has been downloaded by 1.3 million people. Earlier this year the app's coffee ordering function clocked up two million orders.

In May, Air New Zealand's general manager of digital strategy and enablement, Simona Turin, fleshed out some of the cloud technologies that are being deployed to support and enable the airlines digital ambitions.